Why Smartphones Don’t Cut It – Reason 1: Someone Must Record You

Why Smartphones Don’t Cut It – Reason 1: Someone Must Record You


Stainless Steel Turf Spike

We often hear people ask “Why can’t I just use my smartphone to record my swing?” Well, we have a few good reasons why. This is the first of a series of posts dedicated to answering that question. In this post we deal with the fact that if you use a smartphone you will most likely need to as someone else to hold it while you swing, and that will grow old quickly.

SwingShot only makes golf video cameras. Its line of Cyclops golf video cameras were designed for one purpose and one purpose only. As a result, our cameras are really good at one thing – enabling golfers to record their swing anywhere on the course or range. If you are serious about using video to improve your golf game, you need to get off the range and tee box and start recording ALL of your shots from the fairway, rough, and bunkers. SwingShot Cyclops cameras are the only practical way to do that.

One feature that make our Cyclops cameras so useful is that each camera is mounted on top of a ~3′ shaft with a stainless steel turf spike at the bottom. This enables a golfer to easily plant the camera and record their swing anywhere on the course or range – without help from anyone else. When finished, they simply lift it out of the ground and stick it back in their bag alongside their other clubs.

Now, let’s consider how it would work with a smartphone… In order to record yourself with a smartphone you will likely need to ask someone in your foursome to hold the smartphone and record you while you swing. They may be willing to do that for you on the tee box, but it simply is not practical out on the course where they need to be preparing for their next shot.

There are some inexpensive holders on the market, but they are cumbersome to use and clamp onto your phone. Any time you spend fumbling around with a smartphone stand will distract you from your game and will undoubtedly anger the other players in your foursome.

A good carpenter knows the right tool for the job, and a good golfer does too. Could you put with your driver? Sure, but why would you when you have a putter that is designed for that purpose. The same goes for recording video. If you want to record your golf swing you need a SwingShot Cyclops – The Golf Video Camera™.

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