SwingShot featured in podcast

SwingShot featured in podcast


SwingShot was featured on this episode of “Tech Talk” podcast in which host George Honeycutt interviewed guest celebrity host Hugh Royer III.

Read the following quote from a summary of the interview found on the website link below:

“[SwingShot] may be one of the most adept tools used by golfing instructors, however, any amateur golfer would and could get great benefit from having a SwingShot. The SwingShot is a recorder, camera, GPS, camcorder, and easy to use from any driving range or anywhere on the golf course. Easily carried in a golf bag or separated for carry in luggage, the SwingShot provides high resolution images while working for the golfer via offering on course distances or just a panoramic photo of your favorite golfing group. Hugh noted he had just incorporated the SwingShot into his teaching and with the easy viewing connections to his computer or download via USB, he is able to replace more cumbersome equipment costing several hundreds more dollars. The SwingShot can also be carried out on the course and placed anywhere to record swing action or video your favorite amateur buddies or the professionals on tour.”

We really appreciate Hugh’s enthusiasm and leadership. Listen to the entire interview at:

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