SwingShot™ creates new revenue stream for golf courses and teaching pr

SwingShot™ creates new revenue stream for golf courses and teaching pros


SwingShot™ is a revolutionary on-course golf video camera that will forever change how the game of golf is taught and how great rounds are remembered. For the first time ever, golfers and teaching professionals will be able to record footage of what they are really doing out on the course using SwingShot, LLC’s proprietary technology that is guaranteed to not slow play.

The SwingShot™ camera and accompanying USB SwingDrive™ single-use storage media will provide an important source of additional revenue for the participating teaching professionals and golf courses, allowing them to attract and retain technology-savvy golfers that want to compress the process of learning golf, from years and decades to weeks and months.

Since the SwingShot™ camera and USB SwingDrives™ will only be available through authorized teaching professionals and golf courses, those that SwingShot, LLC selects to offer it will receive a steady stream of valuable new customers that are enthusiastic and dedicated to improving and remembering their golf game.

Teaching professionals will increase their student retention and word-of-mouth referrals, as students are sent out on the course to record what they have been taught during one-on-one instruction and asked to come back and review it in detail at the beginning of their next lesson. This unique immediate and tangible feedback loop will improve the effectiveness of golf instruction, shorten the learning curve, make students more aware of their flaws, and generate additional revenue for golf teaching professionals.

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