NGF Releases Data on Instruction & Core Golfers

NGF Releases Data on Instruction & Core Golfers


Core golfers seek golf instruction at a rate of 26% (meaning 26 of 100 Core golfers take some type of golf instruction in a given year). This equates to roughly 3.8 million Core golfers seeking instruction each year.

The lion’s share of this instruction is done in a private lesson with a golf instructor (82% of the time). The other 18% of the time the instruction is in a group setting either in a clinic (7%) or a group lesson (8%). Approximately 4% of Core golfers indicate having attended a golf school of 2 or more days.

What does the typical Core golfer seeking instruction look like? Well, if we consider each golfer demographic that the lesson seeker skews toward here is what we have:

  • A 50-year-old Female with a HH income of over $150K who plays more than 50 rounds in a year and is a member of a private club.

Our data also reveals a strong correlation between lesson taking and training aid purchase among Core golfers. When we asked about training aid purchases 18% of all Core golfers indicated having bought one in the last 12 months. However, among those who had taken golf instruction, that figure skyrockets to 37%; and over half (52%) of those who purchased a training aid also took golf instruction in that same year.

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