Taking out your smartphone in the middle of a golf round is not a smart idea.  It is a time consuming distraction that will slow the pace of play. First, of all you don’t realize it, but it takes time to a) take it out, b) wake it up, c) enter your password, d) launch your camera app, e) position  [ Read More ]

We are proud to say that when our brand ambassador, PGA tour pro and 2014 U.S. Open runner up, Erik Compton, was interviewed by Golf Digest for their “What’s In My Bag” segment in the September 2014 issue, Erik told them they’ll find his SwingShot Cyclops Pro+ is in his bag. Erik said “You’ll see me on the driving range or in the short-game  [ Read More ]

Have you ever recorded a lot of video with your smartphone? If you have, you know how quickly recording video on your smartphone drains its battery. It takes an average of 4 hours to play a round of golf (if you are lucky). Unless you want your phone to be a brick for the entire back 9, you better not use it to record  [ Read More ]

We often hear people ask “Why can’t I just use my smartphone to record my swing?” Well, we have a few good reasons why. This is the first of a series of posts dedicated to answering that question. In this post we deal with the fact that if you use a smartphone you will most likely need to as someone  [ Read More ]

Eric Compton working with his Cyclops Pro+ The Cyclops Pro+ on-course golf video camera records audio and video at 240 frames per second at 480 pixels and 60 fps at 1080p HD resolution, respectively. Read More  

Our friends over at Revolution Golf just turned us on to Kinovea the awesome, full-featured, swing analysis software that is TOTALLY FREE. If you click on the link below you will see a simple example of the swing analysis you can do with Kinovea. The only two drawbacks we can see are that it only works on Windows (sorry Mac owners  [ Read More ]

South Florida Golf Magazine just posted a great review of our SwingShot Cyclops™ golf video camera. They really did a great job, so take a minute and read it here. http://southfloridagolfmagazine.com/swingshot-golf-camcorder-review/

Our Cyclops camera was just reviewed on the GolfChannel.com “Equipment Insider” blog by Jason Crook. We appreciate the favorable write up and are excited to have the exposure on the golf industry’s premier media platform. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/equipment-insider/swingshot-camera-records-anywhere-on-the-course/

Watch this video of “professional” golf  student Nick Chertock using the SwingShot Cyclops Pro™ to record his short game out on the course. Nick uses SwingShot regularly and shares it with teaching pro(s) to get feedback to improve his game.

Today we appreciate our many freedoms. While you’re at it, we’d like you to consider a new kind of freedom….the freedom to record your golf swing anywhere, anytime, without help from anyone by using our SwingShot Cyclops golf video cameras. Happy 4th everyone!

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Why Smartphones Don'

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Why Smartphones Don'

Have you ever recorded a lot of video with your ...

Why Smartphones Don'

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Eric Compton working with his Cyclops Pro+ The Cyclops Pro+ on-course ...